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since I was relegated to an air cast and had to totally stop running in order to heal a stress fracture.  Luckily, I went to the doctor early and the diagnosis was good so I am just counting the days until I can try to run again.  Meanwhile, I have been doing some cycling classes at my local gym.  The problem being,however, that there are no classes for early birds like me.  Solution:  I stumbled on a site called IAmplify and can download cycling workouts on my Ipod.  The instructor is Matthew Reyes, apparantly well know in the Brentwood, California area where he teaches “a star-studded clientele”-wow, think of it.  Me, a West Virginia born gal being trained by the same man who works with “star-studded clientele”-hee,hee!

Anyway, his workouts have kept me going and I am still steadily plugging away at it, trying not to lose too much ground while I wait for the okay to run again. 

Today I was feeling a bit adventurous and decided to try my hand at swimming laps at the gym.  It wasn’t like I had never swam before; I took the mandatory lessons as a kid (even though my father is deathly afraid of the water and we almost never went swimming) and worked my way up to the “advanced” class.  Hmm-how many years ago was that?  I started out with a 30 minute cycle ride with Matthew (he took time away from Brentwood just for me!) and then headed to the shower, changed to my suit and off I go-dove right in, I did!  Yikes-the words “heated pool” obviously mean something entirely different to the staff at my American Family than it does to me.  The chill caught me off guard and it took me a little while to make up my mind to follow it through.  “How far should I swim?” I pondered, looking down the lane.  I had no idea how far one length of the pool was so I decided that ten laps sounded like a good number.  Donning my newly purchased goggles, I pushed off and set out for my first official lap in I don’t know how many years.  I made it down once and touched the wall, stopped to choke and gasp for breath, adjust my goggles and look around.  Nobody saw that-good stuff.  Maybe I will just run back to the other wall and see how that goes.  So I did; walk a lap, choke and swim a lap, walk a lap, choke and swim a lap.  Meanwhile, an older woman climbs into the lane beside me and glides effortlessly past, making it looks like child’s play.  BITCH!  But I stuck with it-run, swim and choke, walk, swim and choke. 

As I hauled myself out of the pool at the end of the 10th lap I began to doubt my sanity.  What drives me to do this?  Will I be fool enough to try again?


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A visit to the laser and surgery center today pronounced me cancer free! My stitches were removed and my biopsy revealed no further evidence of the melanoma that had brought an abrupt end to my marathon training, itself only in the infancy stage.  I was on cloud nine until I was quickly brought back to earth with a reminder that, due to the location of the healing wound, I was to do no running for several more weeks. I can, however, use an elliptical trainer or cycle, neither of which will subject the area to unnecessary pounding which may cause the wound to reopen.

If you are a more experienced runner and have any cross training tips for me so that I don’t lose all the ground that I had gained prior to the detour, I would appreciate any advice you have to offer!

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Yesterday’s nightmare is gone and the sunrise brings a new day.  I am on my game and it feels good!  My fifteen year old is out the door and dropped off at the football field and I am back in my neighborhood and beginning my run.  It is 6:20AM and I begin.  Ain’t nothing gonna stop me this time.  The three mile run goes by fairly easily and I even get the opportunity to see the same runners that  had witnessed me walking a few days before.  “See, you seasoned marathoners, I can do it too! ” I scream out loud at them.  “What do you think of me now?” (okay, didn’t say it-but I thought it!). 

I am jammin and feeling good when all of the sudden my I pod falls to the ground.  Now before I continue I should tell you that I can’t stand those velcro straps that go around your arm and hold your I pod.  I tried just carrying it in my hands but didn’t like that either.  So I got the bright idea a few months ago to wrap the wires around the I pod and then tuck it in the front of my sports bra, snuggly between by boobs. (can I say the word “boob” in my blog?)  This has been working well for me until now.  What I have discovered, however, is that the few pounds that I have lost from running over these last few weeks must have come from one place and one place only, and you can guess from where!  Now, how is that fair?  Why are my boobs shrinking and not the areas that I want to shrink? What cruel, inhuman joke is that to play on someone?  I was just getting used to the feel of having a chest for once in my life (I wasn’t even this big when I was pregnant!) and now it is being taken away from me.  It’s enough to make a woman give up her dream of running…..okay, I’m not a quitter.  Goodbye boobs, I will miss you.

BTW, the 29:54 in the title was my three mile time this morning.  Go me!

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Today was not a day for an early morning run.  I had gone to bed thinking it would be, but my oldest son missed his curfew and when he came in at 1:45 AM (did I mention he is only 18?) it woke me up and I couldn’t go back to sleep.  I tossed and turned, frustration mounting.  I knew that I had to be up by 5:30 so that I could get my youngest son to football practice on time and then I was going to run.  Great plan, but it didn’t work out.  At 4:00 I gave up and decided to watch a little television, fell asleep at some point, and then woke up disoriented.  I pulled myself together and got my son to football on time, but came back home and passed out on the couch.  Not good!  Not willing to concede that the day was a waste, I waited until my husband coach got home from work and then we headed out.  It was late afternoon and the sun felt quite hot, conditions that I haven’t aclamated myself to and I was feeling it.  In additon to the weather deferential, I had made a point of not using my I pod because I wondered if you would actually be allowed to use it on race day.  It was amazing how much more difficult it was to run without music.  The three miles were rougher than any had been so far, and I even slowed to a walk at one point.  I didn’t walk long, just enough to refocus and then get back at it again.  When it was all said and done, I ran the three miles in 30:12.  I am okay with that.  According to the Hal Higdon training log, tomorrow will be a cross training or two mile run.  Until then….

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Today was a “long run” according to my new on line training program by Hal Higdon (Thanks RunDMT for turning me on to this running guru). That meant four miles to clock in today and I was awake by 6:00, no assistance from my alarm clock needed. Funny how that works isn’t it?  Through the week it is so difficult to get up and get going but on the weekends when you can technically sleep in your body decides to wake you early just for grins. The problem this morning,however, was that I wanted to run with my coach and I knew he would not be up and about early, the Redskins -Bills game took care of that.  (Go Skins!)  He had gone to the game and didn’t arrive home until 2:00A.M., exhausted from the trip, the energy of the game, and nine beers.  Sooooo, I decided to do him a favor and let him sleep. (In case you haven’t figured it out yet, my coach is my husband.)  Once he was up and about and we were fortified with some Starbucks and muffins, we decided to work around the house a little and then head out for a run later that afternoon.  Although I was the one that suggested the plan, I was a little leary that I would follow through with the run.  I tend to be a morning person and run out of steam by afternoon/evening.

Fortunately, that did not happen and we set out together.  This was a long run for me, but a short one for my coach.  We knocked out the four miles in 42 minutes, nothing to write home about but that’s okay. My goal today was just to get the run in and I accomplished that goal.

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And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.”

What better reason to take a day off of training?  The ultimate coach knew that rest was a good idea thousands of years ago.  If it was (is) good enough for him, it is good enough for me.

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Ahhh, the high from this morning’s running time carried me through well into the afternoon.  Alas, all that glitters isn’t gold….and 29:42 isn’t really 29:42.  What do I mean by that?  Well, let’s suffice it to say that I have been operating under the delusion that the route I have been running is a full 3 miles long.  My coach (yes, I have one!) pointed out that I have miscalculated my running distance and that I have actually been running only 2.8 miles.  That means that I did not run three miles in 29:42 like I had originally thought. (That was quite scholarly of me, wasn’t it!).  Let’s see, two cipher five knot three cipher seven divided four equals…….failure!  (If you have no past affiliation with the Beverly Hillbillies, you won’t even begin to get that joke!)

Does anyone else hear that hissing sound?  What could that be you ask?  It is the sound of the air slowly escaping my personal balloon.

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