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On Monday I reported to the hospital for a bone density scan.  This scan is supposed to definitively detect a stress fracture in my shin(s). The test itself was painless; A simple injection of some sort of “radioactive” material and I was told to leave and come back in three hours.  I raced home (car, not legs) and graded some papers and then raced back (still car) for the test itself.  The machine was fairly non threatening and I was even able to hop up onto the table fully clothed-no pesky hospital gown required.  The test itself only took  about 20 minutes and was effortless.  The technician told me that she saw at least two “of my kind” every week.  Get close to a marathon, she says, and the numbers pick up. They are constantly scanning for tibial stress fractures-especially in women.  Who knew?

I return to the doctor tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 to go over the results.  I am feeling not so good about this because a neighbor of mine underwent the same ordeal and was air casted for weeks.  When she was finally given the green light to train, she started working her way slowly back to marathon status.  All was going well until a few weeks ago when she experienced the same pain-IN HER OTHER LEG!  She went to the doctor and sure enough, it was an overuse stress fracture. This time in the other leg.

Tomorrow afternoon I will have a verdict.  Keep your fingers crossed for me-I am not ready to give up my marathon dream yet!


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