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Shamrock or Bust!

The date for the Shamrock Marathon is quickly approaching and I, for one, am glad!  My life has been so singularly focused over the past eleven weeks.  Eat, sleep, work and RUN!  This past weekend I conquered more miles than I had ever run in my life-eighteen to be exact.  The weather wasn’t perfect but it was far better than the previous weekend’s high of twenty degrees.  The icy mist and gray Saturday morning sky was enough to put  a damper on even the most zealous of wanna be marathoners we arrived at our designate meeting spot just in time to get the low down on the route and  the strategically placed watering spots and we were off. As usual, the first ten miles or so the conversation was brimming with stories of children, spouses, current events.  The uniform echo of our running shoes soon became the only sound to be heard as we all settled in to face the miles ahead. As mile twelve, thirteen and then fourteen churned by I began to wrestle with my motivation, my reason for being in this place on this day.  Did I have it in me to keep going.  My feet slowly began to feel heavier and heavier, each step a labor of not only strength but willpower as well.  My husband turned around quickly and reminded me not to shuffle my feet. This soon became my mantra…strike, roll and carry through.  I repeated this phrase time and time again as mile sixteen and seventeen rolled by.  Before I knew it, mile eighteen was looming in the distance.  The pack that I had been running with had thinned out-two runners ahead and two behind. At that moment, the sun forced its way through a cloud and its steady warmth rejuvinated my soul as well as my spirit.  I picked up the pace a bit, sure that anyone who saw me would think I was the village idiot that had escaped for the day to run through the city streets.  My hair was matted to my head with sweat and my nose was running faster than I could ever hope to and a smile so big that I couldn’t force it away even if I has wanted to.  And that, my friends, is the way to spend a chilly January Saturday morning!


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