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It has been a good week for training as far as commitment and consistency.  I have logged 14.3 miles this week.  However, I had hoped to be farther along the path toward my 13.1 (half marathon) goal.  It seems as if my aging body is not able to back up my lofty goals.  With the SunTrust looming on November 15th, the reality is that I am just not going to be ready to join my husband trainer coach friend.  While I feel disillusioned, I also feel a renewed sense of commitment.  Perhaps I won’t be ready when I had originally planned, but I will be ready. 

There is a 5K coming up on October 11th that I will be running.  Beyond that, I found an 8K on October 25th that benefits the READ center, a non-profit organization here in Richmond that help illiterate adults learn to read.  That is definitely a cause I can support, so I am adding that to my calendar.



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The Biggest Loser

I have no idea why, but this show really appeals to me.  I got hooked last season and I couldn’t wait until it started this season.  Tonight was episode 2 and I think I have already picked the team that I want to see win; Tom and Tom. Something about this father and son team seems so genuine.  They are trying to fight their way out of a “family” of poor eaters and overweight people.  The opening episode showed them at home with their extended family and they seemed so close to one another-that really appeals to me!

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Dogs waking at 2:00 AM for bathroom breaks, step-sons with 4:00 AM tummy aches, football practice, tennis practice, soccer practice, back to school night, after work meetings….Yikes!  This week was a tough one for fitting in time to run.  Holding true to the “early bird gets the worm” philosophy, I was able to run two miles and weight train before work, Tuesday was a three mile run at 5:30 AM with good intentions of meeting a friend at yoga later after work. That was also before the dog woke me up at 2:00 and my stepson at 4:00-I just stayed up until it was time to go to the gym and that was a big mistake.  I was sooo tired Tuesday that I “napped” for two hours after work and totally missed my 6:00 yoga date.  I called my friend to beg forgiveness and made a mental note to try again next Tuesday.  Wednesday was a cross training day so I hit the elliptical trainer and lifted weights before work, Thursday I slept in and oooooh, it was so nice!  Friday morning was three mile run and that, my friends, was it for me this week.  Saturday I worked around the house and Sunday I painted my two-story foyer.  The walls needed two coats and I had to traverse the scaffolding all day, so I was too spent to even try a run.  Hal would not be happy with me!  Tomorrow is a new day.  My training log this week calls for me to run three miles on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with Friday off to “rest”.  Saturday is a cross training day and Sunday a longer run.  Wish me luck!

(BTW-next time, I will spend the money for a professional painter.  Oh, my aching back!)

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During my ascent into pre-middle age (like that, do you?)  I have developed a taste for the grape, I will freely admit it.  As a friend of mine says in a recent post “wine is a food group!” and I agree.  Whether it is sipping a glass of merlot while making dinner or having a chilled glass of white while I am reading before bed, I do love a good label.  The problem is, like most other vices, guilt almost instantly sets in when my glass is empty.  Why did I drink that?  Too much sugar, too many calories, and alcohol is off limits according to  “Jillian’s”  top ten rules for making the cut.  My mind reels with the guilt of indulgence and I vow  not to give in tomorrow…   But wait, what do these headlines say…”Liquid Medicine: A Daily  Glass of  Wine May Lower Your Risk on Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (did you even know you could get that?). 

The article, in October 2008 Women’s Health Magazine, goes on to say that people who have a daily dose of Vino were 50% less likely to contract the disease.  Who knew?  Although researchers are quick to say that beer and liquor drinkers do not have the same protection; in fact, they have four to five times the risk of this liver disease. (Sorry if that hits too close to home for you!)

Ha!  A bit of good news for a change.  (Of course, we know that another federally funded study will come out soon that will debunk this study’s findings, but for now, drink up!)

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I know this sounds strange and you are wondering what in the world I am talking about.  Believe it or not, I have not lost my mind.  In a recent edition of Women’s Health Magazine they feature a section on “Fighting Disease” in your 40’s and beyond.  Of course the subtitle immediately caught my eye-Cancer Prone Skin.  It appears that the National Cancer Institute found that people with the highest intake of carotenoids have a “significantly reduced” chance of skin cancer than people with the lowest intake.

Now, how in the world does that work?  It seems that the plant pigment of foods like

 sweet potatoes, carrots, and  cantaloupe is transported in the bloodstream to the skin, where it is enriched and helps fight the damaging effects of sunlight.  As a preventative tool, they suggest eating two sweet potatoes a week.  Now that is food for thought!

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Meez 3D avatar avatars games

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If the early bird truly gets the worm, then I have more than my share this week.  I have had my alarm set everyday for 5:00 AM but have been awake before it went off each day.  Go me!  I grab my things and off I go to the gym.  Monday was weight training (no legs, unfortunately; doctores orders),  and stretching.  Tuesday I tackle the eliptical trainer again, shooting for a sustained target rate of 180.  Wednesday was a run for two miles (20:03 minutes) followed by a mile and half walk.  Thursday I ran for two and a half miles and then walked for the remaining mile.  Friday was a day of rest and I took it.  Unfortuanately, I took one on Saturday as well.  Hal’s plan called for 40 minutes of cross training and I had planned to do it, I really did!  Instead, I push -mowed the lawn (about an hour and a half of work) and the humidity was just too much.  I wimped out and categorized this as my “cross training”-don’t tell Hal!

I finished up my week with a three mile run today and again the humidity really zapped me.  I had intended to run five, but ended up running the three and then walking one more. 

The half marathon is nine weeks away.  I really need to step it up if I still plan on running it. I am a little demoralized about where I am now and where I need to be by November the 15th, but I am not quite ready to ratchet my goal back and do the 8K that day instead.  We will just have to wait and see how things go.

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